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The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

I bought this book purely because it was winner of the Booker Prize (1997). I am yet to read a book either nominated or awarded this prize that I haven’t enjoyed. This was no exception.

The book centres around twins in a small Indian village. It tells a story of love and tragedy, customs, boundaries and consequences of action. There is great suffering and yet Arundhati does an amazing job in describing the most awkward and non-verbal of human behaviours in a way that is so accurate it makes you laugh out loud.

To be honest, however, I had a false start the first time I opened this book. It has a very poetic, rambling, almost lyrical style and I wasn’t in the mood the first time. Second time round, I started reading and was hooked from the first page. I raced to get through.

Have you read The God of Small Things? Tell me what you thought!



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