Weekend Read: What’s Stopping You?

Tell me in the comments below what you have on your list, and why you want to do it 🙂


This week in conversation with a friend we stumbled into an interesting topic.

You work all week, so you need to do the things you like either in the mornings before work, at night after work, or on the weekends.

Best case scenario you get all three. More realistically you get some mornings, some nights, and your weekends.

So then you find yourself sitting down and listing out or talking about the things that you want to achieve. Things you wish you could be doing and the things that you “totally would be doing if I wasn’t at work”.

Rock climbing. Painting. Reading. Catching up with friends. Walking more. Having picnics. Getting out of town. Learning pottery.

Whatever it is, we might think about it, we might even find out how to do it and what it will cost.

And then it just… never happens.

You look back 4 months later and you’re no closer to having done that thing than you were when you thought of it.

Then it’s a year. 2 years. 10??

I found when I moved from Melbourne I did more of the things I’d wanted to do in 6 months than I had in the 18 months prior.

All of a sudden a sense of urgency meant I sought out these experiences, enjoying them thoroughly!

In the conversation I was having with my friend we were also talking about the pressure and stress that comes with this list of things.

Once that list exists, it’s like a timer has started.

Then when that 4, 6, 18 months ticks past it starts feeling like a failure.

But a failure of what? A failure to have fun? A failure to explore?

I mean… I guess. But it sounds kind of ridiculous when you say it like that.

So just like my beach post, this is a little call to action for all of you out there with a big to do list of experiences, post-work enjoyments or things you’d like to try.

Spring is coming, let’s dust off that list and get excited!

But to make it a little realistic for myself, I’m going to try  taking a select few from that list that I’ll research, plan and try to execute in a way that will bring me joy.

Then, if I achieve them I will choose more. If, despite efforts to look into something, I’m still not making the effort to do it, I’m going to put that aside and move on. If I really want to do it (versus thinking it’s an experience I should have) I’m going to take my own advice and move on.

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