Michelle Obama

Let me try to do justice to the incredible woman and inspirational human, Michelle Obama.

Quick snapshot:

  • We share birthdays (17 Jan) but she was born in 1964. I feel close to her already.
  • Michelle is a Harvard graduate and a successful lawyer. I am studying to become a lawyer. Omg guys is this real life?
  • If I recall correctly from a autobiography by Barack Obama I once read, Michelle was Barack’s supervisor at the law firm where they met. This is where our shared pathways are diverging rapidly…
  • Michelle has worked both as a corporate lawyer and as a public servant.
  • Her husband is former United States President, Barack Obama. I have long since stopped being anywhere near in her league but I will keep the illusion going in my mind…
  • In her time as First Lady she focused on a variety of social issues, including child-focused and health-based causes. She had a very public profile and activity encouraged people to engage on issues around obesity, healthy eating, positive engagement with public schooling and so on.
  • We can all look forward to the release of her book, “Becoming”, scheduled for release in November 2018.

Now listen. I am an easy crier. I cry at motivational speeches. I cry at sad movies. I cry at joyful videos of puppies reuniting with their mum or dad after they’ve returned from their military service (yup, that one’s getting niche now).

But there are some people that make me tear up just with their energy, and Michelle is absolutely one of them. She speaks with purpose. She is energetic and passionate. She is clever and she is strong. I nearly always cry when I listen to an address by Michelle because she believes in what she says. It’s not an easy thing to convey that and she is such a role model to so many of us for different reasons.

There are so many examples to give, but the best is, of course, “When they go low, we go high“. Such simple advice to her children that has been applied again and again and again to adults navigating the world since the election of Donald Trump as US President and the sheer cluster of bullying, harassment and worry that has been stirred, boiled and stewed.

It is a fabulous way to look at life. Keep your head up, push on with the priorities that you hold in this life and do not stoop to the level of those trying to stop you. Continue with purpose and motivate those around you with good will and great energy.

Obviously both Michelle and Barrack have received criticism for their wealth, their “easy lives” and there have even been negative comments directed towards Michelle’s hair because it was not “natural” enough… I mean in the wider picture of the current administration it’s hard to really get too flustered about any that but that’s maybe just me.

I think that Michelle did a stand up job as First Lady, and her career is truly inspirational. She holds herself with poise and dignity and has kept a very “down to earth” approach to what must surely be a whirlwind of crazy.

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